Thankyou Geordie

Yesterday afternoon Geordie Guy posted his reasons for stopping his active engagement in the battle for online rights.

My heart sank as I read his reasons, which I totally understand. Geordie was able to put into words eloquently what I never could. I often quipped that if you wanted to know my thoughts on any given subject, just read Geordie’s blog.

Geordie it is people like you, Mark Newton, Irene Graham and others that give a voice to the rest of us in the ongoing battle against censorship, data retention and protection of freedom of speech.

Thank you.

Did you know that Sweden’s security authority FRA wiretaps all of Sweden’s population, all of the time?

I have just finished reading Sweden, Paradise Lost: Part 1 – General Wiretapping – Falkvinge on Infopolicy  by Rick Falkvinge. It highlights for me why it is no longer acceptable for politicians to not ‘get’ technology.

Like our politicians, they have fallen for the rubbish that security agencies trot out all the time, “We need this law to continue the status quo and to keep up with technology”. The only elected politician that I know of to challenge this assertion in Australia is Senator Scott Ludlam from the Greens as discussed by Renai LeMay over at Delimiter. We need to put more pressure on our federal MPs to actually pay attention to the sort of laws that will completely remove any privacy that we once had.